» Greater Town Media Pricing

We have competitive pricing starting at $100 per page setup fee (5 page minimum) and $50 per month (starting with the first month) for hosting, maintenance and unlimited updates. After one year you can take over the site if you want to host and maintain it yourself.

There are two parts to the price:

  1. Setup fee based on the number of pages we make for your website including everything below, and
  2. Monthly hosting and management fee.

Our setup fees and monthly hosting are some of the most competitive in our industry. Please provide us with your contact information to enable us to provide you with a free pricing proposal.

We guarantee you will learn a lot from talking to us. No games, just results.

There is a lot of work that goes into the setup of your new website:

Price Tag
  • Layout – Where everything will go.
  • Colors – What colors do you like best, what color is your logo?
  • Photos & graphics
  • Selecting the keywords based on what type of business is most important to you
  • Writing the content
  • Making sure the site is wired right
  • SEO-ing the site. That is Search Engine Optimization
  • Overall site strategy
  • User flow
  • Navigation

And the list goes on…

Then there is the ongoing management and hosting of the website. Remember, we want to be 100% accountable and responsible for your website so we do the hosting. Since we do the hosting we can make the changes we talked about for FREE.

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