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Greater Town Media provides custom website solutions to small businesses which help them get found in local search, while guaranteeing a credible presence on the World Wide Web. Over the past decade, our design team has helped thousands of satisfied small and medium businesses to reach their goal of increasing sales. Our digital products are 100% Made in USA, and our onshore, in-office staff delivers better service and faster turnaround for our customers!

Greater Town Media, affiliated with community marketing site A Greater Town, specializes in creating custom small business websites that get found in the search engines. Many small businesses don't have a website, or if they do, it's either outdated or doesn't work properly. We build each of our websites to match what potential customers search for when looking for a business like yours. Our design team has the depth of understanding around how the web works and the experience to make a website that will promote your brand identity while getting found locally.

A website plays an important role in being found by potential customers in your local area who are looking for your services on Google, Bing, Yahoo, AOL and other search engines. We ensure your site is optimized by creating relevant tags which inform the search engines about your company and the nature of the services it provides. With a custom website, you can better own, control and manage your internet presence while building brand awareness with new and existing customers. A website makes your business available 24/7 - locally, and globally as well! Your website is a low-cost and efficient form of advertising which delivers comprehensive information about your business in one compact presentation. Our websites are totally customized for you - they are NOT do-it-yourself templates! We do everything for you - including future updates - providing you increased credibility and pride of ownership!

We deliver exactly what you want done for your small business every day: we promote your brand and help it be noticed. You were either referred to us by a happy customer, you found us on the web or through the Greater Town network, either way we are in the exact same boat as you - and we know how to help your company with a website that will actually attract more business and generate more revenue. We look forward to serving you and working together!

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